Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Hello everyone! I'm back today with another fashion post, but this time I'm in my garden rather than on location because I couldn't find someone to do the photography ;:; I should properly mention that each of my posts are titled with song lyrics which I am loving at the time.. todays is "Asking Alexandria - Let it Sleep." Oh yeah, by the way... I have purple hair now!! 

Todays oufit is pretty chill and is something that I would wear on an everyday basis. So the raglan is from Wendigo Apparel who are an awesome Italian company, I ordered it in a medium which comes up pretty big on me however I just did this half tuck thing with my jeans which kinda makes me feel edgy >.< The beanie is also from Wendigo Apparel, we all know I love my beanies but I usually go for darker coloured beanies but this time I decided to shake it up a bit with pink?! I thought it might go with my hair.. I paired them with my old Topshop Joni jeans where I decided to be totally pop punk and rip them... Yep. Much pop. Such punk. Then obviously I decided to wear my old tatty vans because I don't really have any other shoes to wear and I really should get round to sorting that out.. 

I hope you liked this outfit! Let me know in the comments below what you think and see you in the next post!    
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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Photographer: Jhestrey Familara
OMG HAI. Do you remember me? Hopefully ya do ^.^ So much has been going on with me so I have kinda neglected my blog. However, I'M BACK! I've really missed blogging but as usual life has gotten in the way >.< 

I've had a few deadlines for uni which kept me very busy, then I had an amass of doctor appointments and pills for this illness-y, shitty thing which I've got (I have a hospital appointment in April with the Rheumatologist and I also have physio), then I went to meet one of my best blogging pals Jess in York where I discovered that we are pretty much twins and then I went to London last week and had an AMAZING time (although I'm still suffering now, 10/10 WOULD NOT recommend the 175 steps in Russell Square station)... 

That brings us to today, so onto my outfit! I bought this cute dress from a stall at Spitalfields Market in London, it was supposed to be £20 but since I only had £18 on me, the lovely guy gave it to me for that instead! I love how this dress satisfies both my alternative side and my love for Japanese style. My bag was given to me as a Christmas present, I did have a plan to write a "What I got for Christmas" kind of post however things with my health went tits up lol. Anyways, it is from KillStar which is one of my favourite brands but their stuff is so expensive ;:; I paired these with my netted tights (of course), cute knee high socks and my platform boots which I feel brings this outfit together. 

DRESS: Spitalfields Market - £18 (similar)
BAG: Killstar - £29
SHOES: Select - £22.99
SOCKS: Primark - £3 (similar)
I hope you enjoy reading my first blog post back! I am planning on posting here weekly with my personal style posts with a few other bits thrown in. See you next week :)
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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Jacket: Hollister - £35.40 (similar)
Tee: In Love with Fashion - £12.99*
Skirt: H&M - £24.99 (similar)
Tattoo Choker: Amazon - £1.00
Pendant Necklace: Black Feather Jewellery - £6.00*
...To be honest, I wear black constantly. I love how easy it is to style while looking effortless. Black is definitely my go to colour.

I love this tee. It's actually a crop top but for this outfit I decided to tuck it into the skirt to give it more of a dress vibe. I also thought it was about time that my Hollister jacket made a feature on here. Now I'm going to be honest, this is probably the most expensive piece of clothing I own. Although I didn't buy it, I thought I would mention it since I usually try and stick to budget alternatives for this blog but I thought that this jacket would work well with this outfit. For the smaller details, I went with layering up some chokers with necklaces and stuck to my essential fish net tights. I was going to add a beanie but I thought you would all be sick of seeing it by now. Let me know in the comments below what you think of my outfit! 
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Tuesday, 3 November 2015


TEE: Hole Hearted Apparel - Scarab Mandala (£12.99)*
SHIRT: H&M - Hooded Flannel Shirt (£19.99)
JEANS: Topshop - Joni Jeans (£36.00)
BEANIE: Poundland - Grey Beanie (£1.00)
SHOES: Vans - Green Classic Authentic Vans (£50.00)

Since being back at university, I've been after comfortable outfits which still make me look as if I have put some sort of effort into getting dressed on a morning (if only I could just wear my duvet eh??) 

I got this amazing tee from my good friends over at Hole Hearted Apparel and of course, I went with a oversized kind of vibe for this outfit so that it would be comfortable and warm. I paired the tee with my -not so black anymore- black joni jeans from Topshop. I really struggle with jeans which fit nicely with my weedy legs which is the only way I can justify spending so much on one pair of jeans as I feel that these fit nicely. As mentioned in my previous post, I did a little bit of shopping and picked up this hooded flannel shirt that I've had my eye on for a while as I wanted an in-between weather kind of jacket, so I wouldn't freeze but wouldn't overheat and this jacket is perfect for just that. I went for some comfortable flats i.e. my vans and my usual beanie (which I wear almost everyday - I really need to invest in more!) just to bring the rest of the outfit together... (and I kinda needed to wear shoes...)

You may have noticed that I have changed my URL. Nope, you aren't imagining it. This comes complete with an different look for my blog - I really feel as if something as small as changing my blogs look/name has given me my blogging mojo back! So don't worry, you'll be seeing me again soon ;) 
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