So yesterday I received a present from ‘A Curious Fairytale' as you can see from the lovely stamp of the logo on the front of the envelope! I really like the logo as I think that it is really cute and also it is in keeping with the theme and the looming trees which keeps in with the sense of a fairytale which keeps in with the name of the company. It is also simple yet appealing to the eye as it matches perfectly on both sides giving it shape.  

The gift came in this printed wrapping paper with the logo on which was tied up with black and white polka dot ribbon which I thought was so adorable. I got this business card too which on the reverse side also had the logo on it. 
This item is called the “Silver Chevron Bead Necklace” which due to the shape and the bright, shiny silver makes it appealing to the eye. 
The silver chain measures in at approximately 9”. 
This necklace costs £8.00 from here and if you are interested in this product or are interested in looking at other items that they are sell then click the link to be directed to the shop on Etsy. > A Curious Fairytale <
Thank you for reading my post and make sure you keep an eye out for future posts!
Sarah x

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