Some of you may or may not have noticed that I haven't been doing many posts on my blog recently (which has been due to personal reasons) however over the last few months I purchased many items in which I would like to show and review for you. I will make sure I include prices and links (if they are still on the internet) Many of the items that I have bought were actually from shops which is weird because normally I buy most of my stuff from the internet. Anyway, lets get going on this mammoth sized haul post!

Bought from GeoFossils (Amazon)
£1.90 + Free Postage and Packaging
I have been after a bracelet like this for quite a while as recently I have become increasingly more interested in crystals and how they work. I think the picture which they show on their Amazon page of this product really doesn't give the bracelet justice as I was surprised by the variety of shades of purple which I love so much as purple is my favourite colour. It is handmade using elastic and genuine AAA graded gems. It also arrived very quickly after I ordered it. If you like the look of this or are looking at getting similar items I would make sure you check out GeoFossils.

Bought from Boots
I have been looking for a nude(ish) coloured lipstick as I am going to an event at the end of the month and I have a cream dress with pinky blush coloured accessories (I'm not posting a review on them due to wanting to keep them a secret until the event) So I went into Boots in my local town and found this colour. I've never bought any makeup from the brand 'Seventeen' before so I wasn't sure what to expect for the price however it is brilliant. I've been able to wear it all day and it doesn't get onto your teeth and the colour stays all day which is great because I hate having to reapply lipstick every 5 minutes. I am in love with this lipstick and I am very happy with this purchase. 

Bought from Boots
So for a while now I have wanted to sort my eyebrows out and I stumbled upon this while in Boots so I thought I would give it a try. After a few attempts I have managed to perfect my eyebrows without them looking too uneven (I will never be able to do make up evenly) although I haven't tried any similar products to be able to compare I am really impressed with this item. 

Bikini (Top: Size 6 + Bottoms: Size 8)
Bought from Primark
Top: £4 + Bottoms £4
So I saw this bikini in the store about this time last year however I never had any money so I wasn't able to purchase anything. But this year, I have noticed that they have brought them back in into stock which was lucky as I really wanted it last year. The top is a halter neck and the bottoms are high waisted. I am so glad that I was able to make this purchase.

Face masks 
Bought from Wilkinsons
50p each (£2 all together) 
I am obsessed with face masks but I have found that the cheapest place to buy them is in Wilkinsons, which is great as normally they also have the best selection. I bought "Sauna Masque", "Very Berry", "Green Tea" and "Mud Pack". If like me, you like to buy face masks quite regularly but you never have an endless supply of money, I would suggest getting these ones from Wilkos as they are cheap and really good quality! 

Bought from Wilkinsons
I am in love with the smell of mangos so when I saw this I had to have it so I can CONSTANTLY smell of mangos. For the price you pay, you get a big tub (220ml) and it smells divine and it makes your skin feel amazing. I believe that they had other smells too if you aren't a fan of mangos.

Bought from Boots
I have been asked a few times if I knew if this item is any good so I decided to do it and it has been one of my favourite purchases that I have EVER made. It makes your lips feel so soft and hydrated for 8 hours! Whenever I do my makeup, I apply this once in the morning and that is enough to last me for the whole day while I'm out at college. The smell of balm is i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e and it leaves a hint of colour on your lips. I would seriously recommend this to everyone especially as there is SIX different flavours to pick from, which includes; HydratePeach KissPink PunchCherry MeMint Fresh and Intense Care.

Ankle Boots (Size 5)
Bought from New Look 
£14 (Down from £30 in a sale)
Normally when it comes to heels, I can't wear them due to my awkward feet however I tried on this pair of stunning ankle boots and they felt so so comfortable and I can walk in them without making myself look a fool. 

 Lace up Boots (Size 4)
Bought from New Look
 I paid £7 however the website says £14 (Down from £29 in a sale)
I am obsessed with boots because they are one of the only types of shoes that I can comfortably wear so when I found this pair for £7 and in my size I was over the moon. They feel great to wear and not too heavy on the foot. 

Bought from Wilkinsons
£3.32 (down from £4.99 in a sale)
I love dry shampoo as it comes in handy when I'm having a particularly lazy day. I found the 400ml bottle of the Batiste 'Blush' dry shampoo for only £3.32 which was down from £4.99. Usually I buy my dry shampoo from a shop up north called Discount UK however I haven't been able to go up there recently so I decided to splash out a tiny bit more money and get this gigantic bottle in which I actually prefer because I really like the smell of it and it makes my hair feel really nice.

Bought from Amazon
99p + £2.99 Postage and Packaging 
I really like cute underwear like this and I happened to have spotted this on my recommendations list. You can pick from three different colours which include; purple, pink and black. I was worried when I got it out of the packaging as it says "one size fits all" in the description and I am size 4/6/8 and it fits me fine. The bands are actually elasticated which makes it comfier to wear and you can also adjust the straps to your liking. This delivers from China so you will have to wait a few weeks if you order this item.

 High Waisted Shorts (Size 8)
Bought from Primark
For those of you who don't know, I'm constantly wearing high waisted shorts as I feel that they flatter my body really nicely. So when I saw these in Primark when the summer collection came back in I just had to buy a new pair! They fit really nicely and they are so comfy to wear. You can pair them with so many different tops from jumpers to tshirts which is great as you are able to wear them into the autumn/winter time (which I do).

Bought from Boots
I love bath soaks and normally I go for the lavender one which relaxes me but this time I decided to push the boat out and went for this one that contains natural ingredients such as calendula, which is renowned for its skin conditioning properties, to leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

Bought from Tesco
My mum bought this for me as a gift to cheer me up as she knows that I am obsessed with this game. I, personally do not need a 'beginner's' handbook as I already know what I am doing in it however my mother knew that Keiran has the Redstone book which means that we can collect the other books for the whole set. 

Bought from Asda
I have never used a BB cream before so I didn't know what to expect however when I tried it on it made my face look amazing. It has 9 in 1 results: Primes, moisturises, minimises pores, conceals, covers smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps protect. The link sends you to the medium shade as I couldn't find the link to the light shade which is the one I actually bought.

Skater dress (Size 8)
Bought from Amazon
£11.99 plus £1.99 Postage and Packaging
I've had my eye on this dress for ages and when I purchased it I was so excited for it to come. When I opened the package it wasn't quite what I was expecting however that made me love it more. The image on the Amazon page shows the dress and when you have it the dress actually has two cut out parts. I was in love with this dress as you can dress it however you wanted, it could be a going out dress or it could be an every day dress. 

Bought from Boots
I needed a new mascara and I have heard good things about this one so I decided to try it out and it hasn't disappointed yet. The brush is brilliant, easy to use and coats every lash without clumping. It also stays put all day and is easy to wipe off at the end of the day. I would definitely recommend this mascara for good quality at an affordable price.

German Chocolate
Pumpkin Pie
Thank you to the guys over at Whipped Lightening for sending me these free samples of the world's first alcohol infused whipped cream. I found that they were packaged really nicely as they came in these cans and came with a little booklet which tells you how to use and store the product. To store the product, you have to keep it at room temperature instead of putting it in the fridge. After every use, you also have to make sure that you clean the nozzle well. I have only tried the German chocolate which I put with a small amount with strawberries and ice cream which I found was really nice to go with. I am yet to try the products with alcohol so when I feel better I will try them properly so then I will write a separate review on this blog. 

Grace Cole Body Scrub (Strawberry and Kiwi)
Bought from Wellworth It
Even though I have bought many different body washes and scrubs, I think that you can never have enough. So I spotted this Strawberry and Kiwi body scrub and it smelt great so I had to buy it. I have yet to use it however I will keep you updated.

Bought from Amazon
£1 and £1.99 for Postage and Packaging 
I have bought this styling brush which I think might be better when it comes to backcombing my hair compared to normal combs and I figured for £2.99 if it is rubbish then at least I haven't spent much money on it. I really like how slim that it is and that it is really lightweight. 

Thank you very much for having the patience to be able to read through this huge post (if you have managed to make it this far without getting bored) and I hope you have enjoyed it!
There will be many more reviews to come soon in the near future.
Much love,

Sarah xo

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