I am proud to present to you Whipped Lightening - the world's first alcohol infused whipped cream. Thank you to everyone over at Whipped Lightening for sending me these samples to try and review.

Whipped Lightning are an American company which sells in many different states. Find out which states it is available in here 
Whipped lightening can be used to add flavour to cocktails, shot, Martini, coffee, frozen drink and even your favourite dessert. Whipped Lightening is made with 100% dairy cream with a mixture of natural and artificial flavour.
There are many different flavours of Whipped Lightening, including; Chocolate Almond Brownie, Chocolate Mint, Coconut Cream Pie, German Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, Hazelnut Espresso, Amaretto, Spiced Vanilla, Caramel Pecan and White Chocolate Raspberry. 
I was sent the German Chocolate and the Pumpkin Pie to try as you can see below.
Me and my boyfriend decided to top this dessert which contains vanilla ice cream, strawberries, grated chocolate and also Whipped Lightening's German Chocolate.
 We were not sure on how much to put on at first and how strong the taste of the alcohol was going to be so we covered the dessert in it. We initially found that it was too strong and that the texture of the whipped cream went inexplicably odd being on top of the ice cream. Despite of this, both us us found that the taste was nice but in small doses. We found that the best combo from this dessert was strawberries topped with whipped cream. This then gave us the idea of asking our friends around to see their opinions of it...
First, we served the strawberries with the German Chocolate whipped cream and then let them taste it. 
Taster #1 - "Very nice considering I am normally not keen on whipped cream at all. The alcohol doesn't taste as strong as I thought it would have done."
Taster #2 - "Weird texture - But I like it."
Then, we served the Pumpkin Pie whipped cream - again with strawberries. 
Both me and my boyfriend found that the Pumpkin Pie whipped cream was a lot sweeter than what originally we thought it would be. In fact - we found that the Pumpkin Pie whipped cream worked a lot better than the German Chocolate! We then asked our 3rd and 4th judges..
Tester #1 - "Nicer than I thought it would be, wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do. Great taste and I would definitely recommend this one to people, even though Pumpkin Pie isn't really a flavour we get here in the UK."
Tester #2 - "The flavour weirdly works well with the strawberries despite my doubts."
Even though I have yet to try the whipped cream served with alcohol due to personal reasons, I am looking forward to being able to do so in the future as this is a great topping for a dessert I have found, so it will probably be great with many other things!

How to store instructions
Whipped Lightening DOES NOT need to be refrigerated because this will cause the alcohol to separate from the cream which will then make the cream very muddy. Make sure the can is stored upright. 
Directions of use:
Shake the can vigorously before each serving, as this will help mix up the ingredients. 
Make sure you clean the nozzle after each use.

You can find out more information by visiting the website

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope you enjoyed it.
Many thanks,
Sarah x

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