OOTD (11/07/14)

Top: Acorns charity shop (Originally from Miss Selfridge) 
Price: (£3.99) 
Leggings: Primark 
Price: (£3)
Tattoo choker: Amazon
Price: (£2.18)
Yin Yang choker: L0stkeys
Price: (£4) 

So I am incredibly frugal and I love finding ways to spend the least amount of money possible while looking well dressed. As you can see, I am definitely not model material (hence the awkward as f*** poses) but I tried my best. 
I bought the top from the Acorn charity shop in my town for £3.99. A lot of people are quite snobby about shopping in charity shops, but I believe that as long as you wash it once before you start wearing then it's good as new! And for the price you pay, you can't complain, am I right? This top is great as you can style it with a lot of different types of bottoms (shorts, leggins, jeans etc1). I have found that the tassels often get caught of many different things which can be quite a nuisance but I still love the top. 
The leggings are from good old Primark. Most people either love or loathe Primark, I for one LOVE Primark. You can get such good bargains for a fraction of the price! I found these black and white gingham patterned leggings for only £3! I decided that I needed more variety of patterns in my wardrobe and thought that gingham is a good place to start. (I also bought a pair of shorts in the same pattern from Primark for £5!)
I have noticed that the 'tattoo choker' has come back into fashion lately so I decided that I MUST have one. I bought mine from Amazon as it was fairly cheap at the time. (There's probably cheaper now but I bought mine a month or so ago now.) I feel that you can put this choker with so many different outfits ranging from; everyday wear to going out wear.
The final piece in my OOTD post is my Yin-Yang choker from L0stkeys. As I have mentioned before, Shelley has a great range of accessories that she makes by hand. I like to pair my Yin-Yang choker with my tattoo choker as I feel that they compliment each other well. Along with the tattoo choker, this choker goes well with any type of outfit. 


  1. love it :) super cute as per usual :) xx

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