Today I am going to write about a shop called Black Tied. You may have or may not have heard about it before but I suggest that you should go and check them out as they make the most amazing jewellery. 
Black Tied are based in Ireland and their main goal is to create pieces that feature gemstones, crystals and metals that appeal to fashion forward people who are after affordable jewellery with a unique and quirky edge. All of their pieces are fully customisable and they will try their best to accommodate your wishes.
So once again, I've cracked out my non-existent modelling skills... but we will ignore that ok. 
I bought this Amethyst Necklace from Black Tied and I absolutely adore it. The chain that it came on was a lot longer than I expected. (but that teaches me not to read the description beforehand eh?) 
At first, I thought "on how earth am I going to style that when it almost touches my belly button?!" and then I thought.... "I could style it with a lot of clothes" so then I rushed to my clothing (which is currently in boxes as we speak) and found this outfit.
I really like how this outfit and how the necklace brings it all together despite the length. The pendant measures at 46mm x 20mm in size which is quite big however it makes a good statement to quite a basic outfit. I chose to pair this necklace with a basic grey cami dress (£3 from Primark) as I feel that the contrast between the gold chain, amethyst pendant and the grey dress fits well. 
If you want to go and check out Black Tied then make sure you visit them here ALSO make sure you follow them here on Instagram for updates and giveaways :-)

I won't be able to write any more posts for about a week or so because my computer is being packed up and moved to my new house tomorrow so I won't be able to use it :-( I will be posting as soon as I have settled in though. 

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