So I recently got inspired to make a blog post about all the things tattoos. 
If you are not a fan of tattoos and are against them, then I suggest that you read this but keep all negativity to yourself or simply not read it at all. It is up to you to figure out whether or not you are mature enough to keep all negativity to yourself and not ruin it for those who are interested. 

Okay, so for those who are still here and are into tattoos, lets get started!
As some of you may (or may not) know, I have tattoos myself, 4 actually. 
First of all, I'm going to give you a run down of my tattoos and such. Then, I am going to give you "hints and tips" on getting a tattoo. 
I will list the tattoos I go in the order that I had them done. 
I don't consider myself an "expert", as after all, I only have four tattoos. But I can give you advice based off my personal experiences. 

1) This is my first tattoo. Okay, you can already see that this tattoo hasn't exactly been done particularly well. I paid £80 for the guy at the tattoo shop in town to do this and he completely f*cked it up. Well, the lines are all shoddy and the circle isn't even a circle. This guy was meant to be a fully licensed tattoo artist and he managed to royally screw over me and many other people. By the time it had healed over and I could properly see what damage had been caused, the shop was shut down due to him sleeping with a girl who is under age ..... Hmm. This is the only tattoo that I have which has any sort of meaning behind it which is my favourite song since my childhood from a band called Savage Garden and the song is called 'To the moon and back' This line really stands out to me. Words are "A journey I just don't have a map for." I feel that this lyric represents my life as I never know what is going to happen next with my health, or anything. 
Pain rating (out of 10): 6
I was told that a thigh tattoo doesn't hurt that much so I went in thinking that and to be honest I could have passed out from the pain it hurt that much. 

2) About a year and a half later, I decided to get my second tattoo. I went to an apprentice in the closest city and saw that she was really good (I couldn't believe it when I found out that she was only an apprentice!) She charged me £50 which is really good. There isn't any meaning behind this tattoo apart from me liking roses. 
Pain rating (out of 10): 4
This tattoo is placed on my left forearm. I thought that it would hurt a lot more than it did because my arms are so skinny, but it really didn't. 

3) As you can probably tell, I am a huge flower lover. I really wanted more flower tattooed onto me after my arm so I decided to go for more on my sternum. I sort of knew what I wanted which was a traditional styled flower arrangement in black and grey and sent in a picture to the artist and let her do a custom design for me.
Pain rating: (out of 10): 8
I knew for a fact that the sternum was going to hurt, so I wasn't surprised that it did hurt. However, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it was going to be. I did have to take a few breaks for a sugary drink as I was feeling my sugar levels dropping but apart from that I just powered through and it wasn't too bad!

4) I got this tattoo at the same time of getting the sternum one. I decided to get this one out of impulse and to amuse myself really. Personally, I find it funny when people say that they "got inked" and then get something small like this when I expect them to get something big and awesome looking. So this was my "getting inked" tattoo. 
Pain rating (out of 10): 2
Because of the size of the tattoo, it didn't really have time to get too painful. You knew it was happening, but it was soon over and forgotten about. 


1) Make sure you have some idea of what you want. Whether this includes you drawing it yourself if you feel particularly arty or getting reference pictures online to give to your artist. If you want a custom piece then make sure that you like the piece and make further suggestions before getting it tattooed on you. You also have to think about placement and where you think it would look good on you. I did this by drawing a rough sketch of what I wanted and placing it on different areas of my body until I found a place I liked. 

2) Don't decide against a tattoo if you think that you don't have a good enough meaning behind getting it. I believe that you don't have to have some big long winded meaning to getting a tattoo, simply that you like it and want it on your body. 

3) Research the artist thoroughly beforehand. This was a mistake that I made for my first tattoo, I just jumped in to the local tattoo shop and didn't really look into how good they actually are and now I am paying the consequences. If you find out that the artist is an apprentice (like I did) then make sure you do further research on the shops website, facebook page, instagram etc to find images of tattoos that the apprentice has previously done. Don't be put off by the fact that they are an apprentice. (Three out of four of mine was done by an apprentice!) Also, make sure that you like the artist's style. Every tattoo artist has their own unique style, so you have to make sure that you like theirs before committing to getting work done by them. 

4) Make sure you eat and drink beforehand. If you're anything like me and pass out at pretty much a drop of a hat then you must make sure that you eat and drink beforehand, even if you don't feel like it. I also find that it's useful to take a drink in with me at the time so I can have it as and when I want it. 

5) Don't be afraid to speak out if there is something that you don't like when the artist has put the stencil on, YOU are paying for something to be on YOUR your body so if you want to change something then make sure you say something. Tattoo artists don't bite and would prefer it if you corrected them!

6) Don't be afraid to ask for a break if you need it. Tattoo artists aren't going to have a go at you if you need to have a minutes break. You can ask for a break at any point during your sitting for a breather, a drink or a toilet break!

So that was my breakdown of my tattoos and a couple of tips. 

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