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I bought this lovely pink box and then I posted a picture on Instagram asking what people thought it was so now you're about to find out :-)

I purchased this lovely gift from BOMB Cosmetics for myself as a treat. (Who doesn't love treating themselves?)
Today, I am going to show you what is inside this box. I have not used the items yet however I can show you them and tell you my initial thoughts about them and then I will update you later on. 

- Day Dreamer Bath Mallow - 
 All you do with this little bath mallow is drop it in the bath and then let it slowly melt while it releases its amazing benefits with the help of the geranium and relaxing lavender essential oils. 

- Flower to the People Brulee - 
 This little bath bomb looks like a cute little muffin however as yummy as it looks, you can't actually eat it. (well, you probably can, but I don't know how well that would end so I wouldn't suggest it) It contains benefits from the power of Patchouli and Clary Sage oils to help calm, cool and soothe your mind. 

- Mellow Meadow Bath Creamer -
This little beauty has been made with Shea and Cocoa butters to gently massage your skin along with Petitigrain and Clary Sage oils to help relax you. 

- Pink Lady Blaster - 
This pretty little thing is known as the "Pink Lady Blaster" and it leaves a small amount of glitter in your bath and also leaves a amazing fragrance of bergmot and orange. 

- Electric Daisy Land Bath Blaster -
This looker has a lovely fragrance of lemongrass and thyme essential oils. This bathbomb is in a shape of a daisy and you just pop it into the bath and let it fizz away and give off its amazing fragrance. 

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