Saturday, 29 November 2014

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
The first location in Europe that I would like to see is Český Krumlov which is situated in the Czech Republic. I actually discovered this place (along with many others I've mentioned on this post) from the very popular travel blog World of Wanderlust. As you can see from the images above, it is a very picturesque town where there is many things to see and do touristy things such as; visit the castle and the museum or do less touristy things such as explore backstreet's and try out the local cuisine. 

Berlin, Germany
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The second place where I would like to visit is Berlin in Germany. There are many things to do in Berlin such as; shopping, visiting Friedrichshain park, seeing the Berlin wall or maybe visit the market if you're going at Christmas time. Then, there are also a variety of cafes and restaurants in which you can taste the local cuisine.

Venice, Italy
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One of the first things that I would want to do when I eventually get to Venice is to get around in a Gondala. Then you can also try out the local Venetian wine and authentic Italian foods. There are also many museums and other points of interests that you can go and see.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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From quirky museums such as the Cat Museum or the Kattenkabinet to cafes and restaurants in which you can try out the Dutch cuisine Amsterdam style.. if you know what I mean.. 

Annecy, France
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Annecy is known for its brightly coloured buildings which are all over the town. You can take a trip 
to the Castle which is situated in the town or just stroll around this lovely little town. 

Wrocław, Poland
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This is another town in which I discovered on the World of Wanderlust blog. You can go and see the love waterfountain which is based in this town, or go and see Central Square, the Botanical Gardens, the Japanese Gardens and much more to go and see and do.

I hope you like this post and let me know where would you like to visit in the comments below!

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