OOTD (20/10/14)

Whether you're new here or a frequent reader, greetings to you all.

Right then. As you may (or may not?!) know, it is the beginning of November and especially here in the North-East.... it's freezing. I took these images about a month ago and got completely sidetracked from writing these posts up so now I've decided to write them up. Back when I took these images, the weather was a lot nicer. (Just wanted to clear that up) 
 Now that jibber jabber is over, let's get on with the post! 
Clothes - Shirt: Primark (£8) // Crop top: New Look (£3 - was on sale) 

Mascara: (£6.29) // Lipstick: (£15.50)

I decided to put this simple outfit together because I feel that each of the items go together very well. I decided to keep it simple because I feel that if I added anything else to the outfit then it would have overwhelmed the whole look. 

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Sarah xx

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