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Today, I am going to to talk about some of my favourite lush products! (To date anyway.) Now, I may have mentioned before that I am still fairly new to the Lush hype (back in the spring time of this year I was first introduced to be precise!!!)

**BB Seaweed Facemask**
 This is the only facemask that I have tried from LUSH however I adore it. It makes your face feel so soft and refreshed after you have used it. It works for every skin type which means that anyone can use it! You have to keep it in the fridge which means that I do sometimes forget to go and get it ... but apart from that it is amazing which is why it has made it onto my top 5 favourite LUSH items. 
**Avobath Bath Bomb**
This little green gem is another recent find. It fizzes away like all the other bath bombs however it releases an incredible scent of avocado while making the bath water a lovely shade of green. It leaves your skin feeling amazing once you have gotten out of the bath (I think that every LUSH product does 
**Sex Bomb Bath Bomb**
Again, I love the smell of this bath bomb however I also love the colour that it makes the bath (a nice pink colour for those who have not tried it.) This bath bomb makes you feel so relaxed and feeling in the mood.... if you know what I mean wink wink ;) Jasmine is an aphrodisiac which is used in aromatherapy to ease stress and anxiety which is something that I need quite frequently so this is why Sex Bomb is coming in at number #3.
 **Snowfairy Shower Gel**
As I have never experienced Christmas while being a fan of LUSH, I did not know what to expect . Then, after noticing that their Christmas collection had been released and that fellow bloggers were completely raving about Snow Fairy finally being released I just had to go and see what the fuss was all about..... Safe to say I am now addicted to this sweet candy smell. WHY DID WAS I NOT INTRODUCED TO THIS SOONER? I will definitely be back to by a LOT more of this item, I just wish  LUSH would sell it all year round...
**Butterball Bath Bomb**
Although Butterball isn't the most exciting to watch, it still smells absolutely divine which is why it has made #1 on my list. I am completely in love with butterball and I wish I could just buy every single one Lush has ever made so that I can use them all and not have to share with anyone else! You come out of the bath with such soft skin and it makes me want to have a bath with it at least three times a day (I wish)

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