A lot of people think that blogging is "easy" and that us bloggers "take pretty pictures and get freebies all the time" where that is simply not the case. Us bloggers put in a LOT of effort into our blogs because we all want to stand out of the crowd in this highly saturated market. So, this post is the next in my "blogging" series, which is where I talk about the "behind the scenes" of blogging for those who are interested in starting up their own blog or are just interested. Click HERE for part one. Today's post I will be sharing useful tools and resources which I think is helpful. 

Not all of us can afford the fancy pants of the image editing world, which is photoshop. So I stumbled across PicMonkey, a FREE (ker-ching!) and actually decent photo editor. I find that most picture editing sites are completely rubbish and lacking in tools however this one seems to have everything that I need to do (so far anyway.) So if you're after a quick, easy and most importantly, free photo editor, I would suggest this one.  

Ah Bloglovin'. What a miracle you are to me. If you're thinking about blogging (or already do) then I would highly recommend signing up to Bloglovin'. It is a platform where you can find blogs who post about things that you are interested in and more importantly, it's also a place where people can follow you and keep up-to-date with when you post. Bloglovin' has connected myself with like-minded people.

This resource may not be so obvious to some people however, I use this website all the time. Colour-Hex is a site where you can search for colours and their according codes which is then used in HTML. I learnt how to read HTML on my own and this site has come in handy many times when I've needed to change a colour of a certain aspect of my layout. With this site, it has made my life 10 times easier to get my blog looking the way I want.

 Ah notebooks. I'm obsessed with stationary. I've bought another two notebooks today because they looked pretty and do come in handy. I tend to jot down ideas here there and everywhere when it comes to blogging, shopping and pretty much my everyday life. I have a memory of a goldfish and doing this has helped. When it comes to blogging, I have a specific notebook in which I carry around everywhere in case I get that lightbulb in my head turn on and get an idea. I then usually write what I'll need to carry out, references etc.

Disqus is a tool where you can see the comments from your blog and then you can up-vote and down-vote them and see reoccurring commentors. This is a tool which helps you get up close and personal with your audience so you can use that information to grow! Simples!

Focus booster is a tool that helps increase writing productivity. I always end up getting side tracked or having a "five minute break" which always ends up turning into a two hour session on twitter so this tool is really helpful for keeping you focused. It uses the Pomodoro Technique which is where you work for 25 minutes then have a 5 minute break which is supposed to help improve mental agility. 

This last one seems really obvious, however you can do so much from your smart phone. Check emails, read blogs and even write blog posts (if you're that way inclined.) You can install various apps which contributes towards your blog and many of the above have apps which are across all platforms. I know if I was without my phone, I would be lost.

I hope that you find this list helpful for whether you are wanting to start up blogging or already do blog. 

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