These colours are pretty much the same. Keiran has told me many times that apparently I have way too many purple lipsticks. I'll never own enough purple lipsticks Keiran, no matter what you say. If you like to live on the darker side of life and prefer a darker lip like me, then these are three lip colours that you MUST try out. 
Here is a swatch of the three different lipsticks. As you can see, the pigment in each of them is really good. When looking for a new lipstick, I always like to make sure that it has good staying power (even when I eat - ambitious I know). I have found that out of the three, the Lipbullet from Topshop has the best staying power. Which is partially why it is in my 'everyday' makeup routine. Yes, I do wear purple lipstick pretty much every day that I put make up on. Over the top? Maybe. I don't care. I can't wait to purchase more lipbullets from Topshop! At first, I was a bit confused when I heard that Topshop had released a beauty range, since then I have tried it and I am in love! It is so inexpensive but at the same time the quality of the range is really good. The Rimmel London lipstick I find a bit darker than the other two however if I am feeling vampier than usual, then this is my go-to. This lipstick was the cheapest out of the three.This is actually the lipstick that I am wearing today! 
Pure Herione was my first ever MAC purchase. At the time, everyone was raving about the colour 'Heroine' and as much as I like that colour, I wanted to go for something a bit darker which is why I picked this one. I wanted to treat myself to a new lipstick and thought what better way to do it than get my first ever MAC lipstick! Since, I haven't had much funds so I haven't been able to purchase any more products.

I hope you liked todays post! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite lipsticks are!



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  2. Love these colours! Rimmel are ace for vampy lips this season, it's great, you've definitely convinced me to actually try the topshop range now, instead of walking past a bit confused

    little miss fii | Fii x