I have seen this product floating around the blogosphere quite a lot at the moment and I wanted to try it out.. HOWEVER, I didn't want to pay for the price for it because lets be honest, who wants to pay a lot of money for something they might not like? In most stores this would cost around £5 - £6 however I found this in Savers for £2! BARGAIN! 
It is a pet peeve of mine when I'm watching/reading a review of a product and all they say about it is that it is "nice" so I am going to try and do an in-depth review about many aspects of the product for you.  Now, let's get onto the actual reviewing part of this nonsensical ramble.

The packaging is really nice and basic, I love the pink on the bottle as it contrasts nicely with the black text and the green Garnier logo. I also really like that the bottle is clear as you can easily see how much of the product you have left rather than guessing. There is also 400ml of product which apparently means you will get 200 uses out of it but there is an asterix so I had to find what that was linked to and after a few minutes of searching, I found it! It was on the back in tiny writing. Apparently, you will get 200 uses out of it if you use only 2ml per cotton pad. It also claims that it is "Hypoallergenic" which means that the makers of the product claim that it causes fewer allergic reaction compared to other products however that does not state whether it means other brands or other products that Garnier sell. One thing that I did notice was that I did not see the logo which shows that they did not test on animals. I try my best to avoid using products which test on animals however sometimes it can't be helped.  This product says that it is "an easy way to remove make-up, soothes and hydrates the face, eye area and lips, in one step with outrinsing." I like this because I have to admit, I am really lazy when it comes to looking after my skin apart from the odd face mask here and there, however this really does what it says.  It removes makeup really well and has left my skin feeling nice and soft. The product itself is unscented which I like as I don't really want my face smelling nice (is it just me who finds that odd?.) This has now become my beauty routine and I will be repurchasing in the future!
If you want some more info, click this link and it will redirect you to the Garnier website.
Let me know if you have tried this before and your thoughts on it!

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