So yesterday I decided to take a trip into Middlesbrough town centre because the Coca-Cola truck was in town! As you may know, I love Coca-Cola so when I found out that the truck was coming to Middlesbrough, I just had to go! (It is my mission to own all of the Coca-Cola merch I can find.) It felt really festive and they were playing Christmas songs. More importantly, they were playing the song that they play for the Coca-Cola Christmas advert which definitely got me into the Christmas spirit.

Did any of you go and visit the Coca-Cola truck in your local town? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. When this came to my town before I was literally SO excited. I was surrounded by mostly kids and I was the worst one there. It was so fun and I got a free can of coke too, even better ;)
    Holidays are comin' holidays are comin'!