Today's post is going to be the third instalment of my "Blognology" series which, if you're new here, is where I talk about many topics surrounding blogging. If you want, you can read part one (Blognology: Guide for Beginners) and part two (Blognology: Useful tools and resources)

So you're probably sat there thinking that this post is going to be about me bragging about the "freebies" and "press events" and things like that however there is a lot more to it than just receiving freebies. Back when I first started this blog back in December 2013, I lost a lot of interest in my hobbies and life wasn't all that great. I then made the decision of starting up a blog to distract me and I was really able to throw myself into something once again; something which combined all of my interests and kept my mind busy. 

Which brings me on to my next point. Through blogging, I have acquired new skills and also rediscovered old ones. For example, a big part of blogging is photography and for a while I was put off any type of photography due to a bad experience but blogging has rekindled my passion for it. Another example is: I have always been a big tech head; I love gadgets, gaming consoles and all sorts of things so it was only natural for me to learn HTML. I am by no means an expert on HTML and I would never be able to do the sorts of things that web designers are capable of however I've learnt enough so that I am able to make small changes to my blog as and when I want. Nowadays, I consider my blog to be a full time job as I have left university and currently do not have a proper job so most of my days include planning, do photoshoots and anything blog related.

The blogging community as a whole is very welcoming. I have made loads of great friends through blogging and I always know that I can count on them if I ever need help. Every so often there are blogger chats or meet ups so that you can get to meet more and more bloggers and talk about various topics. 

There are endless opportunities! I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with some amazing brands since I first started my blog. For example, I have worked with my good friends Shelley from L0stkeys, Grace from Vintageous Rags and the amazing guys over at The Little Jewellery Company. I have a few great collaborations coming soon on Sarah Style so make sure you watch out for them too! :-)

I hope that you have enjoyed part three of Blognology. What would you like to see next in the series? Leave some suggestions below!


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