Dress: H&M
Shirt: Primark
Bag: Primark
Shoes: River Island
Choker: L0stkeys
Once again, I have dragged Keiran (my boyfriend if you're new here) out to take some more outfit shots. I wanted to be a bit more creative with my outfits as apparently I'm known to have a "quirky" fashion sense and this proved that right I guess. As it is fast approaching spring and the weather has finally picked up and stopped snowing (thankgod), so I decided to use this shirt as more of a jacket and put it on over the top of this dress which I received for my birthday. I decided to go with minimal makeup. 

I hope you liked this post despite the lack of text. I also apologise for being away for three weeks (oops), I wasn't feeling at all creative so decided to take a break.. but now I'm back and I have a few things lined up already AND I have the exciting news that I am launching my very own YouTube channel! I have been playing with this idea for a while so I decided to take the plunge so make sure that you look out for that :) I just need to sort out equipment and lighting etc so if you have any suggestions for what equipment would be best then leave a comment below! 


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