Today's post here on SarahStyle is going to be a shop review. So I came across Polette through another blogger and fell in love with their store. As I always do with shop reviews, I like to give a background to the store to give you a sense of the shops ethos. I don't know about you, but I'm always interested in finding out how the store came about and the ideas behind it. 
"Meet Pierre Wizman, a young and one of a kind entrepreneur who decide to quit school and to build up his company in France, at the age of 16. “Starting from scratch might have been the biggest chance life has offered me.” Quite determined to create and innovate, he invites all of his employees to improve their difference and follow a path no one has ever followed before. With only 2000€ in his pocket, he becomes the leader of the online optical market and Polette was born. From that, he generated 2 million euros within one year. is born from a man’s vision, a man who decided to put an end to the monopole of optics. No more expensive eyeglasses. His idea? Break up the chain of intermediates and offer, using the internet, a massive selection of frames and lenses provided by his own factories.You can read more about the history of this store here and here

Polette offers a range of frames from Vintage looking to trendy, Polette has it all. You are also able to pick from a variety of lenses to suit your eye-wear needs or you can simply pick the fashion lenses. I picked up these Floyd-B Sunglasses which cost $14.99 which converts to roughly £9. I went with this pair because I like how minimal they are and they are easy to style with any type of outfit. 
When I received them in the post on Monday morning I was so happy to be able to write this post for you all. They are lightweight and although they are made from plastic frames they feel really sturdy. I will definitely be back to get some more glasses as I have already spotted a couple of pairs that I like the look of, for example: the Paris Brown and Rock 'n Love.

Here are the links to Polette's site and Social Media accounts so you can check them out. 
Instagram: @poletteeyewear
Twitter: @poletteeyewear

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know which pairs of glasses you like the look of so I can check them out! Also, make sure you keep an eye out for a future post featuring my very first giveaway on my blog which is in collaboration with Polette. 
Thanks for reading and see you next time! :-)


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