Today I am going to talk about some things that I have learnt since I moved out back in August.
So my first lesson was that I finally realised how much different things costs. For example, when I first moved in we needed a new mop and bucket which cost a hell of a lot more than I thought it would. Another example would be going shopping for food or even cleaning products.. Who knew washing detergent would cost so much!?!?!?!?!?!

As there is only the two of us in our house (excluding the degus), I find it quite hard to get the balance between not buying too much for or not enough. I never know what to buy when I'm in a supermarket by myself so I normally decide to wait for Keiran to come home and then we can pick items together. Then, there is planning of the meals which is very time consuming (and very boring if I must say so myself.) We normally get about a week and a half worth of meals at a time so having to decide can get quite frustrating especially when neither of us are big cooks and are on a tight budget.  

Following on from my last point, I hate to cook. I get really anxious from cooking from the fear of it going horribly wrong which has often lead to panic attacks. Obviously, I can't rely on Keiran to cook for us every single day as he is at university so I have taken it upon myself to cook small meals here and there. I can now make a mean tuna pasta bake, which may not sound like much to most people but to me it's a big deal. I live in Middlesbrough which is where Teesside University is based, and I live about 7 minutes down the road from the uni itself, which means that there are A LOT of takeaways around. When neither of us feel like cooking, it is so easy to go onto JUST EAT and make an order and then in just under an hour, our food is here. 

Now that I have moved out, I now have the responsibility of keeping the entire house clean rather than just my bedroom. Apparently dirty clothes don't wash themselves?! I have a deep passion of hatred for washing the dishes, anything else I don't mind. But dishes.. no thank you! 

I have found that since moving out, I rarely get dressed unless I know for a fact that I'm going out somewhere. Pyjamas have become my best friend especially since Primark have seriously upped their PJ game........

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post! Let me know in the comments what lessons you have learnt since moving out! 

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