It feels like all of my posts recently have been about LUSH! Oh well, I'm not complaining ;) I have since been back into LUSH since my last haul to pick up some more bits! Usually, I buy what I know I like but I had already made a spontaneous visit to the store so I wanted to pick up for products which I've never tried before. 

 First off is the Fluffly Egg, which smells really sweet like candyfloss (reminds me of Mmmmelting Moments), I picked this one up as I noticed it was part of the Mother's Day range when I was at the LUSH Middlesbrough Event (read about it here), and since then I wanted to try it out so I went back and got it. Secondly, is the Blackberry bath bomb. According to the LUSH website, this bathbomb contains Bergamot which is used in Aromatherapy for anxiety, depression and nervous tension. Thirdly, is the Big Blue bathbomb. I noticed this after Shelley posted a picture of it on her Instagram and it contains seaweed which I've learnt recently that my skin adores. Finally, I picked up the Golden Egg, as you can see this bathbomb is INCREDIBLY glittery and in fact this was not what drew me towards this as I hate glitter (yes, I said it.) In fact, it was that this smells DIVINE from its scent of honey and toffee. 

So that concludes todays post. Have you tried any of these products? Or have I persuaded you to buy any of these? Let me know in the comments below! I will see you in my next post :-)

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