This post has been a long time coming if I'm completely honest. Let's go back to the end of October, we finally picked up our little goos. We initially went into the shop for only two, but as there was the three of them we didn't want to leave one behind (as they get really depressed and lonely by themselves) so Pets at Home cut us a deal and we left with the trio. We had already picked out two names for female degus however didn't figure out a third. We had Astrid and Vex picked out but we wanted to keep to the Skyrim names and the other two names we could think of which didn't sound daft were Aela and Karliah, and a few days later we decided to keep Aela. Six months on, they are currently turning to adults which means a lot of play boxing and reinforcing the pecking order. They love having cuddles and belly scratches as well as eating oats and seeds. Their favourite thing to play with is actually a toilet paper roll which they can use to build nests and to play with. I didn't realise I could love some animals as much as I do; they make me feel so happy. 
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