Pinch, punch; First of the month! 

I am not usually the type to follow the seasonal trends to a T, with tartan being popular during winter and pastels being more popular during spring time. I prefer to just stick to whatever I feel like on that day, as lets be honest; my fashion sense goes from 15 year old skater girl to looking like I've stepped out of Vogue within 24 hours. I prefer to play by my own rules as some people focus far too much on what is "in" at the time. This is the same when it comes to nail varnish, so with that being said, today's post is my nail varnish lust list. 
Essie - Sugar Daddy | No 7 - Peacock Green | Revlon - Lavender Soap | Rimmel - Love Bug | Rimmel - Velvet Touch | Essie - Peach Daiquiri
This is my pick of six. First off I went for this pinky nude colour. I have an substantial amount of varnishes in my collection, yet I don't seem to have a pinky/nude. I probably wouldn't wear this by itself however I would use it as a base for a pink/white polka dot design. Next, is this a m a z i n g shade of green. I spotted this while at the No7 Boots event last week and if I'm quite honest, I CANNOT stop thinking about it. It is the perfect shade of green in my eyes, not too dark but not a pastel either. Thirdly, is this pastel purple shade. I can already see Keiran rolling his eyes at me wanting "yet another shade of purple" to add to my collection and I'm already thinking of my speech to convince him that "I NEED this shade of purple" and perfecting my pouty face. Next up is one of the varnishes from the new "Sweetie Heart" range from Rimmel. I picked the shade "Love Bug" as I don't have a yellow in my collection and I think that this shade would be perfect for summer. Next is another new range from Rimmel (who are on the ball with nail varnish right now, might I add) and it is this matte grey shade. I am an advocate for all things matte ranging from eye shadows to lipsticks as I am not one for shiny or glittery so this varnish is right up my street. Finally, is this peachy/red colour from Essie. Ok, so I'll admit - when I first discovered the brand Essie I also discovered Youtuber Essie Button and I thought the two was linked. Confession over with.. So I picked this shade because I think it's a really pretty colour and yep, you guessed it, I haven't got a colour like this in my collection.  
So basically the six colours that I have picked are all shades which I don't have in my collection right now and I think that they would fit in nicely. Let me know in the comments below what nail varnishes you are currently lusting after in the comments below! Also, let me know in the comments below if you call it "nail varnish" or "nail polish", if you've made it this far on my post then you would have noticed that I prefer the former.
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