I have been a big fan of interior design ever since the first Sims game came out and I was able to design my own house. So natrually, now that I am in my own house I can use my simspertise (oh my, that was a bad pun) to decorate here too. I decided to go for a wander into Wilko the other day as recently received a mini catalogue through my door about their new homeware range.. so of course, I went on my tod to go and have a gander. These are some of the pieces that I spotted which I will definitely be purchasing once pay-day rolls back around (which feels forever away, might I add.)

6 out of 9 products are from Wilkos new 'Forget me Not' trend and the other 3 are from the 'Rembrandt' trend. I picked this selection of cushions as I feel that they would work well together against my black leather sofa. I liked this floral bottle and if I get it I would use it to hold real/fake flowers. I chose this 'Bee Happy' canvas as I feel that it would make a nice centre piece over my fireplace and it would bring the room together. Of course, I picked out some photo frames and of course I went with a floral one... (if you hadn't noticed by now, I'm a huge lover of floral!) and I also went with a chunky black and gold one. Finally, a cake stand. I have been getting into baking a lot recently and wanted to display my urr.. creations, so this one is a nice size and looks pretty. Everything from Wilko is so affordable and really good quality so I would recommend checking them out if you have a store near you!

That concludes todays post. I really enjoy writing about homeware/interior design related posts! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite item from this post was and I will reply back to you/check out any blogs asap :)
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