I never really feature high end brands on my blog that much; simply because I like to keep it to sharing my best budget beauty buys (try saying that 10x over!) but today I fancied showing you my very petite MAC lipstick collection. 
My first ever high end purchase was a MAC lipstick in the shade Pure Heroine, it also started off my purple lipstick collection. For my first MAC lipstick, I wanted to pick a shade which I knew I would get a lot of use from so naturally (lol not really) I went for a deep purple one. It is a very vampy shade which is great for when I want to look....... vampier......... (great words Sarah)

The second MAC lipstick I purchased is in the shade 'Up the Amp.' There's a (slightly) amusing story behind this purchase. So while I briefly attended university, we were offered the chance to go to the Museum of Life in Newcastle, so instead of being excited for the actual trip; I was more excited to go to the MAC store for the first time! When the day arrived, I quickly rushed everyone round the museum so that I could SHOPPINGGGGGG! Needless to say that they weren't that happy with me as none of them were interested in beauty but OH WELL. This purple is slightly lighter than Pure Heroine and has pinky undertones.

The final MAC lipstick is in the shade called 'Craving', I bought this on a whim from Jaye aka Bed in the Kitchen when she was doing a massive blog sale. I really wanted a MAC lipstick which wasn't a purple so when I saw this I knew I needed it in my life. It's a darkish pink colour which I guess for most people is what people would wear on an "every day" basis.  I would probably wear this lipstick or Up the Amp a lot more in the Spring/Summer time but then again I just wear whatever I feel like on the day.

All three of these lipsticks are in the 'Amplified' category, which according to Beauty Down South's 'Guide to MAC lipstick finishes' post: "Opaque coverage, not as drying as Matte." 

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my (slightly pathetic) MAC lipstick collection. I really love the smell of the MAC lipsticks as they have a rather chocolatey smell. I do want to add some more to the collection but as I said at the start of the post and in many other posts, I prefer to stick to drugstore but when I can afford it I will try and venture out! 
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  1. Beautiful colors, love all of them. xx

  2. Replies
    1. I love them so much! So glad I took the plunge but at the same time I prefer some of my drugstore lippys xx

  3. craving is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks of all time -- wearing it today, actually! i can't get enough of it, it's gorgeous.

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

  4. MAC lipsticks are my favourite! I've been seeing purple lippies on beauty blogs lately, and I am now tempted to see if it suits me! I need to get myself up to newcastle for a day of shopping and maybe visit a museum! In the whole time I live in Newcastle for the four years at uni, I only visited the Centre For Life, and Baltic. Are there any other good ones I can go to? I don't even know! xxxx

    1. Purple lippies are literally my life! I think you should go for it; I think they would look incredible on you (as with everything else.) I really need to go back to Newcastle again too, Middlesbrough doesn't have as much on offer as Newcastle. There's quite a few there from what I know of, like the Discovery Museum, Great North Museum, Laing Art Gallery and a few others! xxxx

  5. Up the amp is my all time favourite shade!
    Jennie Emma

  6. These colours are just beautiful! Purples are my favourite shade of lipstick but I am a) not a massive make up wearer and b) not confident enough to pull it off but those who do look amazing! xxx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge