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As mentioned in my previous post, I've decided to do a "Top 10 products under £10" kind of post to go along with the whole budget theme. 
First off, I've gone for Rimmel's "Wake Me Up" foundation (£8.99) and concealer (£5.49). I really love these two products especially now that it is summer time and you're after that (queue the buzz words!!) dewy, glowy look. I also like the fact that when I use it, it makes me look less dead (hence the whole "wake me up" - duh, good going Sarah.) I did in fact write a post on this product so if you want to travel back to last year where I didn't know what I was doing (I still don't to be honest) then you can click here
Next, is the Barry M "Shape and Define" brow kit (£5.99), I adore this product. I've tried many different brow products and this is the one that I keep going back to. It contains the wax, powder and a highlighter and is an essential in my makeup bag (read my "What's in My Makeup Bag?" post here.) The only issue is that they only do the one shade however I have found that this shade is perfect for my brows. 
Ah Make-up Revolution, you've made it into a post again but this time is for the "Redemption" palette (£4.00). I adore this palette as I find that all of the shades are wearable and pigmented. I find that all of the Make-Revolution palettes are a bargain for the price you pay. You can read a full review of this palette here.
Next up is the Collection (will always be Collection 2000 to me) "Fast Stroke" Eye Liner (£2.99). I believe this is one of the first eyeliners that I ever bought and I still love it to this day. I especially like the handle which feels nicer in your hand than a lot of other liners I've tried. I have found that the product actually comes out black rather than the weird grey colour that some liners do and is very long wearing. 
Now for the L'Oreal "Miss Manga" Mascara (£8.99.) Ah this mascara. This is a very close second to my Benefit "Rollerlash" and I used to have a review up on this mascara however it was about two years ago and I was so embarrassed about it, I deleted it.  I originally got this for my 18th birthday from a friend and have bought it myself since. I love the effect it gives your lashes which in turn helps widen my eyes to give that desired manga effect. 
My faves, the Rimmel "Kate Moss collection" Lipstick in either 'Long lasting' or 'Matte' (£5.49.) I don't even have a particular shade to suggest from this range but in fact I recommend the entire collection (which I don't have...... yet...) I struggled to find a lipstick which actually lasts the majority of the day without needing to reapplying every two seconds however this entire collection seems to do the trick. It lasts almost all day, passes the drinking/eating test and you can pick up a variety of shades. 
Finally are some of my favourite tools to apply my makeup with, which are the: Wilko "Angled" brush (£1.00), Wilko Premium "Stippling" brush (£4.00) and the Wilko Premium "Powder" brush (£4.00.) I have written a post here about the Premium brushes and question whether or not they are dupes for Real Techniques brushes. I love these brushes a lot as they pick up product well, are weighted nicely and are nice and fluffy!! 
Thank you for reading todays post, I hope you like it! Also, let me know what some of your favourite products which are under £10 are. See you in the next one :-)
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  1. I just came across these brushed the other day and WOW.. fraction of the price and really good too. Thought I would give this mascara a whirl because my lashes are sooo long nothing seems to hold them how I want :( Will keep on holding out for a drugstore replica of Virtuose by Lancome. Great post Sarah x

    1. They are amazing aren't they? I use them everyday x

  2. I love the wake me up foundation, I haven't tried the concealer but I trust my collection long lasting one too much to venture away from it haha! Those brushes sound fab, although I must admit i'm a sucker for getting brushes and then using my hands in a rush!
    Kim x And On That Note She Wrote|Bloglovin

    1. I'm currently like that! Sometimes it's just easier to use your hands haha! x

  3. Great products, I've used a couple of these and repurchased them! How great do them brushes look, they really do look like real technique. I haven't been in Wilko's in years, I'll have to pop in! xo

    Beth @ Polished Couture

    1. Wilkos have really upped their game in the beauty department, I really recommend trying them out! Xo