June Beauty Favourites, The Girl with the Winged Liner
 As far as I'm aware, I have never done a favourites post on my blog before! This is mainly because I am a creature of habit so I don't often like to change up products or if I do then it gets changed back if I don't like it. 
To kick off my favourites for the month of June is Benefit: Rollerlash. Any time I am wearing makeup, I will be wearing Rollerlash. I have an obsession, to the point that I bought a backup just a week after getting the first tube!! I love how it makes my lashes look and it holds incredibly well throughout the day. If you would like to read the full review then click here.

Next up is The Body Shop: Hand Cleansing gel (Coconut). I was given this as a part of my goodie bag from The Body Shop event I went to a few weeks back (read about that here) and I have loved it ever since. It makes my hands feel and smell refreshed and for only a couple of quid you can't go wrong! 

My second favourite is The Body Shop: Body Butter (Virgin Mojito), I was also given this as a part of my goodie bag from TBS and as I mentioned in my post about the event, I am not usually a big fan of mint or lime however this has changed my opinion on it completely! It leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed which is perfect for this heatwave we are currently having in the UK. 

Another favourite from TBS is the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser, I have a separate post scheduled which will include a full review on this but I love how this makes me feel alive and like a real human being again. It is a serious game changer for my skincare routine and now I feel that it is a contender to becoming a holy grail product for me. 

Next is the EcoTools: Brush Set. I picked this up from TK Maxx a few months back, the original set included 6 brushes however I picked up one of the separate tapered blush brushes to add to the collection (as that was the brush I was after in the first place, the rest was a bonus!) I love how it comes in this little pouch too as I am going on holiday to Centre Parcs next week so this will definitely come in handy to take my brushes with and to store them nicely. I am planning on reviewing these brushes soon too so also make sure that you keep an eye out for that too! 

Now for Soap & Glory: The Breakfast Scrub. Oh. My. God. I don't think I've ever loved a scrub this much before. When I first heard of this product, my initial thought was "why would you ever want to rub sugar on your body?!?!?!" but my advice to those who have the same thoughts as I did is to
"GO TRY. RUB THAT SUGAR ON YOUR BODY." I won this as apart of Rhianna's giveaway and you can probably work out that I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and soft my skin was afterwards. 

Finally is another product that I won as a part of Rhianna's giveaway was the Maybeline: Colour Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze. I had my eye on this for a while but it was pretty much sold out every time I went into my local drug store. I know that this is a popular product among the blogosphere so there isn't any wonder why it was sold out everywhere! I like to use this shadow as a part of a smokey eye look which I have coming up on my blog very soon. The product is so longlasting, pigmented and all the other buzzwords which the beauty gurus use. 

What were your June favourites? 

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  1. If they ever stop making Roller Lash I think I'll have a little cry! I defo need to get that Vitamin C cream- I had a sample of it but it's all gone </3 it's so good! Great post lovely :) xo

    1. Me too! I love it so much. Yes, its really nice (and smells amazing too!) Thankyou lovely xo

  2. I love that Vitamin C cream too, it's brill! Have you tried the Instant Glow in that vitamin C range? It's kind of like a primer…it's so good it brightens up your skin like instantly too xx


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I need to try that out! I'm always in the market for a new primer! X

  3. I ALWAYS smell that S&G scrub, I NEED IT <33
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk