Summer has officially started in the UK which means that it is a great time to go and have a picnic! There are loads of great places to go and have a picnic: at your local park or on the beach (beware of any flying sand though!), where ever you go I'm sure you will have an amazing time. Here are some of my personal picnic essentials!
One of my first picnic essentials is music, so when out on a lovely summer picnic I love to take a wireless speaker with me, for example the Panasonic 2.1 speakers. There's nothing better than chilling in the sun while head bobbing to some music with your friends or family! I mainly listen to metal or rock music though so I'm not too sure how the public will feel about that however as long as you're in a secluded place away from everyone then I'm sure it's fine! 
My second picnic essential is protection from the sun. Whether that be: suncream or hats. For us tattooed folk, we need to be extra careful as the sun can easily fade your tattoo so make sure that you cover your ink with a good SPF sun cream to protect it. I also like to take my fedora or some sort of hat to protect my head and give my face a bit of shade.
I feel this one is a bit of a no brainer but my final essential is food and drink! Depending on how energized I'm feeling that day, I might put more or less effort into the food I bring. For example, one time I bought a meal deal like those you can get in Tesco and bought some extra snacks to go with that but if I'm going to be having a larger picnic then I like to bring buffet food like cheese and pineapple sticks and cocktail sausages and prepare my own sandwiches. For those of you who are 18+, I would also suggest some cider. There's something about the summer which makes me like to drink cider outside? I'm not sure what it is! 

What are your summer essentials? 
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  1. Completely agree! Brown picky food and a fruity cider with some great tunes... that's what summer is about!

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