If you follow me on any social media, I'm sure you'll know that I have 4 degus. I wrote a post introducing the first three girls (which you can read here.) I don't think I've introduced Mirabelle on my blog, but I'll save that for another post. So today's post is going to be about how my four girls managed to pull me out of deep depression. 
I was at university for about two and a half months before dropping out, admittedly my mental state wasn't exactly in the best position before going but during these few months it just spiralled out of control. Keiran and I had discussed getting a pet for a while before we moved in together and we settled on getting two degus (lol.) We actually ended up taking three home in October (we couldn't leave knowing there would be on left by herself) and fast forward to June and we went into another store and fell in love with little Mirabelle and brought her home with us too.
So I left university not long after getting the girls, I felt incredibly lost and lonely. I remember spending hours crying my eyes out while Keiran was out at university, but just sitting by their cage and watching the girls go about their lives made me feel calm and relaxed. Having the girls made me feel like I had a purpose again, knowing that these little critters rely on me to look after them and they love me unconditionally. They also gave me a routine again whereas before I would spend hours in bed and wouldn't move. I knew that if I didn't clean them out, feed them and change their water and just go and have a play with them - then they would get ill. They gave me the motivation to actually get out of bed. I would let them out to play and let them run around and they climbed me to signal that they wanted a cuddle, this would always bring a tear to my eye. 
Since having the girls, I have managed to get myself off medication and although I still have a few slip ups here and there, I truly believe that I wouldn't have been able to do it without the girls (as well as Keiran.)  
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  1. First things first, they are ADORABLE.

    I completely get where you're coming from. When I lived alone my bipolar often kept me completely bedbound and I couldn't find a reason in myself to leave the flat, sometimes literally for weeks. Now, with nine bunnies and several fish needing me, I always have a drive to get up. Even on my worst days I've found the energy somewhere because if I don't take care of them nobody will.

    Hope you're doing ok these days, sweets.

  2. I feel the same with my kitten! I had to pull through my anxiety last week to go out and get her cat food otherwise she would go hungry and having her around is really helping with routines and motivation to get up and do things (like play with her). Animals are so incredibly therapeutic. I'm glad to hear that you're off your medication now. Keep going <3

    Becky // xxx

  3. Totally agree with everything you (and others) have said here and well done you for coming off the meds, that's a huge step!

    I've always had cats and whilst they come with responsibility which is great for my motivation, they seem to know if I'm having a particularly dark day and they are more than happy to cuddle up in bed.

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah.

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  4. Aw Sarah what a beautiful story I am so glad that they gave you the strength to carry on. Depression is difficult to deal with and having something to look after is the perfect chance to improve your mood levels x!The-Colour-Wheel/cmbz/55affba60cf286eab0299113

  5. Thats brilliant news that you're feeling happier, and these little beauties helped- they're so cute!

    lillies and lipbalm