Skincare routine
Up until recently, I didn't really give two hoots about my skincare. I used the same couple of products and felt that that did the job adequately enough. However, I started to notice that my skin had become dull looking, spot prone and more redness so I decided that something needed to change. 
I heard about the "Happy Skin" campaign at The Body Shop and decided to check it out. Admittedly, I picked up the two Vitamin C products simply because of the scent of oranges which is my current obsession. When I started thinking rationally again, I realised that the Vitamin C would help tackle the dullness in my skin in the same way that orange juice makes you feel more awake in the mornings.
In the morning, I take a damp flannel to wet my face and then go in with the Facial Cleansing Polish and use small, circular motions all over my face and neck and then wash it away. Then, I apply the teeniest amount of the Glow Boosting Moisturiser (a little goes a long way) to my face and neck too. The consistency is kind of like a gel which refreshes your face with its light weight formula to leave you with a natural glow. 
At night time, I use the Soap & Glory Miceallar water which quickly dissolves my makeup. To do this I apply some of the water onto a cotton pad and then rub in circular motions until gone. I find that this product removes makeup really well and it doesn't sting my eyes like the Garnier one did. Occasionally, I'll apply a thick layer of the moisturiser to my face and leave it on over night kind of like a mask but apart from this I don't really do anything else during the night. (I'm still working on that bit, lol) 
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  1. This post has definitely made me feel guilty about not looking after my face! It's lucky if it gets a bit of moisturiser on it before bed. I'm going to give the boosting moisturiser a go, I love products that only need a small amount :)
    Becky // xxx