I am a huge lover of anything alternative, kooky and dam right weird so when this necklace fell through my door the other day, I was in awe. This cute yet macabre necklace is from the 'Boro born brand, Outer Cross. Described as alternative 'with a dark twist', Outer Cross was established in 2013 by creator and designer Paul Dobson when he felt that there was a gap in the market for alternative brands (which I'm never going to say no too.)
"Stand up and be counted. Be true to yourself and follow your dreams. Become who you dream to be, be different."
The necklace I received was the Bottle Bone Vial necklace*, which yes, is made up of the remains of rodents, shrews, voles and various small birds which have been put into a jar. Weirdly awesome, right? The bones were obtained through natural means, so no animals were hurt for the purpose of fashion.

The bottle itself measures in at 2.3cm x 1.3cm and the chain is 44cm. The chain feels sturdy and the clasp is of high quality too, I often find with some brands that the clasp breaks too easy or are too stiff. Another thing I like is that the clasp is quite big, as I have rubbish eyes I often need to strain my eyes to see the teeny weenie clasps that some brands use.

I feel that this necklace will go with many types of outfits, some of which will be coming to this very blog soon (think lots of black, leather, chunky shoes and ripped fishnet tights.) I have had so many compliments about this necklace already, even after telling people that "yes, those are real bones in my necklace."

Make sure to go and head over to Outer Cross' site and feel free to let me know what you think of their stuff! I personally think it's awesome ;D
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  1. I am forever on etsy looking at little jar necklaces like this, i love it! <3
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk