I have managed to get round to doing another outfit post, which I might add, there will be a lot more of on here (along with my awkward af poses... sorry about that..) 
I bought the top, shorts and necklace at the same time and was a bit unsure of what I would pair the top with and while I had laid out the clothes on my bed I realised that this outfit needed to happen. I think it is fun, easy to wear and practical. I wore this while doing the styling for a fashion shoot and it was so comfortable to wear (yes, even the leather shorts!) I think it is perfect for this awkward in between stage where it chilly but gets quite warm throughout the day. 
Top: New Look - £7.99 | Shorts: H&M - £10 | Cardigan: Primark - £10 (Similar)
Necklace: H&M - £6.99 (Similar) | Shoes: Hidden Fashion - £7*
I also wanted to do a quick update about what is happening with me at the moment (some of which will explain my absence from here..) First off, I have started university where I am studying Fashion Enterprise (or sometimes it gets called Fashion Marketing.) I am absolutely loving it. It is amazing that this time last year I was barely at university because I hated it and being there made my depression/anxiety worse in comparison to this year where I am on a completely different course and I am loving it. 
You may have also noticed a few changes about the way I look. I'll start with the most recent one, I finally got a haircut! My hair was pretty much damaged so I decided to have a bob(?) with a fringe cut back in. I'm not sure if I like it yet (but that might be due to the fact that I can never straighten my fringe properly.) Another change is that I have a few more additions to my tattoo collection, I have finally finished my half sleeve but I am already booked in to turn it into a full sleeve. Lastly, I got my septum pierced! I can't really remember if I have actually mentioned this on here yet but I've had it done for a few months now, I love it (especially with the endless out of adorable clickers you can buy.) 
Finally an update for the blog: I want to make this blog into more of a fashion space as fashion is where my heart lies (over beauty) but I felt like I have fell into the trap of taking the easier route of writing about makeup, because lets be honest, you can't take outfit pictures in your pjs. I am also thinking of revamping (still undecided on whether or not I want to rename it - feeling like 'The Girl with the Winged Liner' doesn't scream fashion to me) my blog to make it more fashion orientated. Let me know what you think below! 
So there you have it! If you have made it this far then here is a virtual cookie as you are awesome, thank you for reading my coherent ramblings, see you next time :) 
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  1. I love your hair like that! You look lovely! Really like this outfit too xx

    Tamz |

  2. I love this outfit! Also, I think you really suit your new hairstyle! Xx

  3. Aww I love your blog name! I understand the want to change it though, it needs to be something you feel suits you. I love your hair like that, and those shorts are awesome! I tried on a similar pair but sadly they didn't suit me at all.

    Kimberley xx

  4. i love your hair, it really suits you! makes me miss having a proper fringey fringe haha. that cardigan is amazing too! x

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  6. Your hair looks bloody awesome & I adore that knitwear too! Good luck with your uni course!
    Bee |