Hello everyone! I'm back today with another fashion post, but this time I'm in my garden rather than on location because I couldn't find someone to do the photography ;:; I should properly mention that each of my posts are titled with song lyrics which I am loving at the time.. todays is "Asking Alexandria - Let it Sleep." Oh yeah, by the way... I have purple hair now!! 

Todays oufit is pretty chill and is something that I would wear on an everyday basis. So the raglan is from Wendigo Apparel who are an awesome Italian company, I ordered it in a medium which comes up pretty big on me however I just did this half tuck thing with my jeans which kinda makes me feel edgy >.< The beanie is also from Wendigo Apparel, we all know I love my beanies but I usually go for darker coloured beanies but this time I decided to shake it up a bit with pink?! I thought it might go with my hair.. I paired them with my old Topshop Joni jeans where I decided to be totally pop punk and rip them... Yep. Much pop. Such punk. Then obviously I decided to wear my old tatty vans because I don't really have any other shoes to wear and I really should get round to sorting that out.. 

I hope you liked this outfit! Let me know in the comments below what you think and see you in the next post!    
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  1. I love the way you've put rips in your jeans, really adds something to your outfit! absolutely love it.


  2. Sarah you're such a BABE! I love baseball shirts! I really like the pinky colour of the hat too.

    P.s we'll go get you come shows on our next shopping trip ;) xxx

  3. That top is so cool! And the ripped jeans...SO PUNK lol :) Love this look you have great casual style


  4. Ah you look fab, love your jeans! xx

  5. You look gorgeous! Love those jeans :D

    Bex x