Welcome back! I'm currently sat in bed while surrounded by chocolate wrappers and lots of junk food and just generally feeling very gluttonous.  Let's talk about this outfit... after all, this is a "personal style diary" or whatever I'm calling it these days...

Skirt: (Amazon)
*Tee: (Vanilla Underground)*
 Jacket: Primark
Shoes: River Island
So I was digging the vibes of this outfit very much, so Michael and I decided to go for a drive and find a cool location to do a shoot at... safe to say that Middlesbrough does not have many nice looking places for backdrops (or we couldn't find them.) By the time we decided to visit a beach, I wasn't vibing with the outfit as much and was exhausted however I persevered and I'm actually happy with how the pictures turned out!
So of course I'm wearing my staple fishnet tights, I can't seem to part with them at the moment; I just love the way they look and are an alternative to your usual black tights. And who is MOSHINGZOMBIES without a band tee? I haven't always been a fan of Slipknot, but last year something changed and now I can easily say that they're one of my favourite bands! Mike bought this black denim jacket from Primark and the jacket I was wearing didn't quite mesh with my outfit so we did a switcharoo and this worked so much better; It has premade rips and I love the oversized look! 
What do you think about this outfit?
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