Welcome back! This outfit is just something I threw together after being in my "corporate" outfit all day after spending the day in interviews so I wanted something super casual. 

I bought this dress from Topshop a while ago, I first saw it on a Youtuber I used to watch and instantly fell in love with it. The other problem with it is now that my boobs have grown (thanks hormones), it has made it a bit shorter so I have to be a bit more wary! I styled it with my (or Mike's) trusty denim jacket (which I have added a few band badges to), bowler hat and my heeled brogues.

I have been struggling a lot with my style in the past few weeks. Nothing in my wardrobe is appealing to me (bar my usual skinny jeans and band tees - but I can't keep posting that on here!), and I don't really have the funds to splash out on a new wardrobe for the warmer weather so I'm at a loss. I think I need to have a good root through my wardrobe and pair things which maybe I wouldn't usually go for and take it from there? I have a lot of clothes that I bought at the time and loved it but couldn't find the right way to style it so it never gets worn but it's hard because I always retreat back to the safety of jeans and band tees. I think running social media and a blog has a part to play in this; "ooo should I wear that top on my blog again or will people judge me?" or "dayum, she has SO MANY nice clothes and a great style, why don't I have that?" I have always been an envious person and tend to compare myself to others as a result of this.

Saying all of this, I have reclaimed my love for eBay; I have found some absolute BARGAINS on there! (A top tip of mine is to search for a brand, for example: Topshop.) I find that it is such a thrill seeing it getting down to the last couple of seconds and you're refreshing the page as quickly you can to see if you've won!

Anyhoo, What are your tips for finding your style again? Do you have any posts or tips to help me get my fashion mojo back?
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  1. Great outfit! you are so beautiful!



  2. If i find a picture of clothing i like i click and drag it into the google image search feature and it comes up with similar items for sale. Did this with a pair of shoes i wanted that went out of stock (permanently) and i found a very similar pair for the same price, got a handbag too using the same method muahaa.