Available instore at Savers, Bodycare and Homebargains, Inecto is a brand which is readily available for an affordable price. Who thought buying good quality cruelty free and vegan products would be expensive?!
 I'm yet to see much hype about this brand, and I'm unsure why they are unheard of in the blogging community. Possibly because they're only available in certain stores?

I popped into my local Savers as I needed to buy some new skincare; as someone who is very much on a tight budget at the moment, I sought after somewhere cheap and cheerful so I was hoping to find products which not only fit into my budget but also stays true to my values and opinions on animal testing.

Inecto Naturals // 'Super Nourishing' Coconut Shampoo (£1.99)
I am no stranger to bleaching and dyeing my hair which means that I needed hair products which would give my hair some much needed TLC. I've used this shampoo for a while now and I have noticed so much difference in my hair! Before using this product, my hair was dry and lifeless but now it feels full and has regained its shine. Unfortunately, Savers ran out of stock for the conditioner so I wasn't able to pick that up as well.

Inecto Naturals // 'Very Smoothing' Coconut Body Oil (£3.29) 
Before this product, I had never tried using a body oil but I took the plunge and bought this one. To use, you apply after you've been in the bath or shower and have towel dried. Out of all the products in this post, I think this one is my favourite. It left my skin feeling super soft and smelling fresh.

Inecto Naturals // 'Tropical Coconut Infusion' Body Spray (£1.99)
Previous to transitioning to using only cruelty free products, I religiously used Impluse body sprays as I loved the smell and they were long wearing. But I now I've discovered this brand, I don't need to look back. The smell of this product is gorgeous, I'm a sucker for coconut as it is but this spray lasts all day! I can spray it when I get up and can still smell it the following morning!

Inecto Naturals // 'Super Scrub' Coconut Body Scrub (£2.69)
I never used to be a fan of scrubs since I found that they were always too harsh on my skin. This one is gentle and leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. The only problem that I have found with this scrub is that the bits tend to stay on my skin even after I've rinsed it.

What are your thoughts on this brand? Have I convinced you to go and check them out? I hope that you enjoyed this post and I can't wait to read your thoughts.

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  1. Wonderful body care items these are. And I am loving this post. Thank you for helping all of us with the best body care products